Ricerca ABI-CAB Filiali e Banche

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Minimum balance AER ** Monthly rate gross* p.a.
USD 2000, or
€ 1500, or
£1,000, or
NZD 4.000

(8.00% in Save Account*)



The BRP International Commercial Banking Division focuses on serving the international financing needs of small and medium sized businesses. As a really experience team, we are uniquely qualified to create solutions to meet your special needs, as well as providing all the traditional products and services.We have a dedicated group of Relationship Managers who will craft strategies specifically for your business. Each Relationship Manager is committed to knowing your business’s unique banking needs. With our help our customers have increased their sales, penetrated new markets and successfully pursued new business. We offer depth of experience, a high level of service and a strong commitment to helping you reach your business goals.

Our services include:

  • Bank Account Managenment, Loans Deposit and Money Management, Fund Management, Investment, Credit and Debit Card Service, Issue of financial guarantees and Financial Instruments.

To assist you with your international trade needs we also offer:

  • Import, Export and Standby Letters of Credit – financial instruments through which a bank promises to pay a certain amount of money provided proper documentation is submitted as proof that a transaction has taken place, backed by the security of time deposits held with our bank.
  • Draft discounting – We can discount drafts generated by export letters of credit confirmed by us or drafts originating from other transactions which have been accepted (Bankers Acceptance) by another bank which is acceptable to us.
  • Other Services – Documentary Collections, International Wire Transfers, and Foreign Exchange transactions.

Everything you need from a current account

Our Flexible Offshore Current Account is a straightforward account that provides you with all the international banking basics - and more.

It offers:

Visa Debit

As well as enjoying all the benefits of a Visa Credit or Debit card†, you won't pay the usual service charges for using your card in a currency other than NZD.

Interest on the whole of your balance

We pay a healthy rate of interest when your account's in credit. Basically, every penny in your account is earning you more.

Flexible and secure international banking

Secure Internet Banking and 24 Hour Tiket Banking allow you the freedom to operate your account whenever it suits you. All online customers benefit from our online fraud guarantee. So if the worst happens, you won't lose a penny.

Help if you need it

All our international banking customers have the support of our dedicated Tiket, Email and Fax Banking Service. Which means help is at hand if you need it.